Our Story

I was first introduced to the world of candle and soap making by my Organic Chemistry professor who would reward the top 3 test scores with his homemade fares. Years later, I found myself laid off and battling a resurgence of anxiety and depression with little to no resources to navigate through it. Remembering conversations about the cathartic effects of candle making with that professor I bought my first kit, and the love affair began. As I researched hazards and healing properties of candles and aromatherapy over time, I became very persnickety about the cleanliness of my raw materials; after all this was supposed to make me feel better!





My love of chemistry has always kept my imagination ignited which often meant gifting friends and family with scented concoctions of some sort. It was those gifts that caused my tribe to gently nudge me into sharing my creations with the world, and with their encouragement and prayers Scents & Such was born.